Make a decision

Posted: July 25, 2011 in London to Cologne

My sister’s fiance Gary has had his stag/bachelor party planned for the weekend of the 22nd July for sometime now.

This is my sister's fiance on one of his better days! Clearly you can see she has done very well for herself ha ha. The Stag!

Being the “numpty” I am (have always wished to use that word 🙂 I failed to check Tallinn’s (the proposed city of bachelor badness) distance from London….some 1,200 miles. Hence mr poor boy aka me not being able to afford a plane flight. Ajay my tawny cousin dropped out at that stage having seen quotes for £200+ one way from various airlines.

Try and charge me £200+ bloody pounds to get to Tallinn! Who the hell do you think you are? Although saying that, I did fly with you guys back...I got more leg room this time round as well - I could just about curl my toes in horror at my seat 🙂

In my spontaneity and impudence I decided it would make much more sense financially if I hitchhiked. Which of course it doesn’t really – it’s a fairly nominal saving relative to the time spent in transit and of course if you convert your hourly time to a £ value then it’s a loss. Especially since I can’t work whilst abroad!

Sunday, the week before the trip I decided that I would then hitchike. It was an idea I hit upon precisely one day before, and I think it’s become more about my rash take the life by the horns as well as the testicles and more approach. – was my eventual port of call. It was a handy sight that allows you to locate people travelling across countries and offering rides. I managed to find my trusty driver Paul Rosenberg of Cologne (but currently Pembrokeshire – in the absolute middle of shitting nowhere in Wales lol). Having researched online for a matter of hours, and called about 5 different potential drivers. it turned out I would be heading to Cologne the next morning.

Having been a supreme tit as you can probably tell from my pictures I failed to take a camera out with me taking the advice of my sister. That proved to be a great idea since I'm now wondering around Google finding pictures instead. This is Paul. He had a cool beard when I met him. Check out his shizz @ Dude builds wooden surfboards!

Packing a torch, brolly, and my guts and nerves into one bag, off I trundled into bed realising I was about to set off on a entirely different type of adventure to that which I’ve been used to…

And I still needed to shave.

The beard you can see in the specimen we collected from a then unwanted camera is what we at Deepak's blog would like to consider a lady repellent. Guaranteed to repel any female with a pulse. Some men too.


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