Sleeping in railway stations, and well not really sleeping in railway stations

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Cologne to Berlin

Having delivered the package. i.e. breeding rabbit to a german women only slightly less weirder than the owner of the rabbit itself, a strange English boy from mill hill with foppy hair and an eminent need for a wash (not too different from myself then perhaps), off I hightailed to the underside of a dark bridge.

Hey! When I need to piss...this is how I roll!

Minus copious amounts of urea later I decided that it would be best if I stayed at the train station in search of a ride forwards from there. I had to get to Berlin to meet Pavel as he POSSIBLY had a lift for me!

Images of Dolph Lungren come to mind when I look at this picture. He looks like a machine doesn't he! Ha ha well he certainly has enough energy. Man is constantly high. Except when he's asleep. Ok. Too much information lol.

I don’t rely on much really do I.

So there I lay uncomfortably on a bench as I waited for dawn to break trying to get some shut eye but recognising Cologne’s finest tramps would be quicker on my luggage than rats are on cheese.

Again I gathered several numbers and starting calling several people at the crack of dawn. Having spoken to a woman that said “Hellooooooo?” “Hellooooo?” in an uber thick German accent I decided it was probably best I went with someone else instead.

Waz ist Daaass. Hellooooooo. Lol. Ah she was just like I pictured her to be. Fucking annoying.

Unfortunately given the time constraints I couldn’t truly hitch so to speak as I needed to be in Tallinn by Friday, otherwise it would defeat the object of my entire trip!

I managed to find this bus company that was charging 28 euros to go to Berlin (6 hour drive) from Cologne that morning. Again communicating with a chap that spoke about 9 words of English I thought I would save any potential confusion.

There I stood outside of McDonalds with a great big sign saying – BERLIN. Just so as to be sure I wouldn’t be missed.

Having a great big sign saying BERLIN generally avoids creating confusion as most people (apart from the blind, they would struggle I think) will not confuse my intended onward destination. Unless. They're complete dicks of course. Which has been known.

Off I went to Berlin, watching a movie on the girl’s iphone that was sitting next to me and then trying my best to doze off. A pretty uneventful ride.

I wonder what wonders would await me in Berlin.



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