A Brief Note on the Stag

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Tallinn

I said goodbye to The Turk the day after, and I must admit that each time we said goodbye to a member of the 5 strong group I felt a little shudder. Unless I upend my historical pattern of communication, I will never speak to these people again really. So it’s always a little strange saying goodbye to someone –and thinking that in all likelihood you will never see him or her again.

It is kind of strange leaving people and having them go. Hmm.

As far the stag, all worked out really well. I managed to stay in the same room as the other guys that had flown in from England, and we proceeded to enjoy the weekend in Stag like fashion.

Getting very drunk, eating occasionally, sleeping even less (minus napping) and then heading out again to follow the same cycle for 2 days. 400 euros was spent without really doing anything by one person (to the wider amusement of the group), 150 euros spend in 3 hours by another, notably 50 euros on a 5 euro ride, one stag got drunk and tried to beat up the other, and distress calls were sent to members of the group.

With my brother in law Rob I took quite a long wonder around town seeing some of Tallinn’s sights.

Some members of the stag

A note must be made about the women; they are incredibly attractive. blond, blue haired, curvy and slim and therefore miles out of my league. I instead spent my time downing pints and having a laugh with the lads.


One of the wonderful shops near to our hotel. Ah lovely jubbly - who wants some second hand muff LOL


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