Drops off, and arriving in Tallinn

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Berlin to Tallinn

Well we made a double drop off in Tallinn, having prior to that stopped at a roadside safe to eat some manky red Russian meat soup (which actually turned out to be pretty good – I call it manky to underline how negative stereotyping is narrow minded and reflective of someone that doesn’t travel much….like me….and therefore how much what I just said is complete crap – do you get it lol?) and I took my top off to pose my a motorbike thing and show off my now withered body that had once rippled like an adonis at a hen party lol.

Oh us band of merry men. What an odd group we are. What a wonderful time we had. From left to right. Skinny indian that looks like his skinny frame is developing moobs. Balding pale faced Felix who has a cat name and a most mild mannered personality. The Chief. Don't fuck with him. The Turk. Stop flapping your arms man! And Pavel. Ok pretty boy. Calm down.

So it was to “The Chief” (he really did look like the boss) aka Scarface that we said our goodbyes in Riga. It must be mentioned that my eyebrows were raised somewhat when he said he had met a woman he had his way with whilst living as a bum in Berlin. The man doesn’t speak a word of English or German FFS (for fuck’s sake) – and looks like a criminal.  Who would sleep with him in that state of disrepair? Probably another tramp no doubt lol.

So off he went to party, as he said he was going to have a few days of booze filled mayhem as funded by the random members of his family who were sympathetic enough to shower him with cheap vodka (he sounds a lot like me to be honest…) and then go and get whooped by his wife! Good times!

Felix, who admittedly been something of a non-entity during the course of the car rides also said his goodbyes to us in Riga as he went off to meet his expectant girlfriend. They see each other once every three weeks – that would take some getting used to for me.

However, whilst his reticence in the car gave all the impression that his quiet boy approach was a way of being for him, I think it was also to do with how “The Chief” liked to coup himself up upon our shoulders during the whole journey. Using us as pillows he and his slightly sweaty (as they always were!) armpits provided us with a very cinematic experience as you could almost smell his farm on him.

It may well have also been some of the journey’s focus on the female form and his honour he has for his girlfriend. When I say the journey’s focus. I mean Pavel’s focus lol. Would love to have known what was swimming through Felix’s head throughout!

Anyway, and so then there were three and off we headed towards Parnau in Estonia in search of more frolics as Pavel was determined to make a stop off enroute to see the beach and grab a coffee – which has become a necessity to keep him driving.

The cure that kept us from snoozing. And shitting incidentally. I swear I saw my stools once in four days. I don't care if that's inappropriate. I know everyone that's reading this shits more than once every four days.

At this point I must add that The Turk and Magnet Man ended up sharing driving duties between them for the last 500 kilometres, and it was quite amusing to see his 6ft 9inch frame fit into the driver side of Pavel’s car.


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