Merry men, McCafe’s, and The Chief.

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Berlin to Tallinn

We were all given nicknames. By all I mean 3 of us. Magnet man – because of Pavel’s love for magnets. It also turns out that Perpetual motion being a myth is not true, you can have perpetual motion as Pavel displayed to me in his room in Berlin. To my untrained eye however I am in no position to tell whether his belief holds substance – again we must turn online to look further into this.

"Perpetual motion describes hypothetical machines that operate or produce useful work indefinitely and, more generally, hypothetical machines that produce more work or energy than they consume, whether they might operate indefinitely or not.' Go go wikipedia! lol

And he travels to Estonia to stay with his parents but actually wishes to import magnets from Russia in order to expand upon this theory/application of perpetual motion in order to help spread it to the wider world!

Anyway what a strange bunch we were. A sprawling Turkish 40 year old sports coach who had worked as an entertainer in his previous life in a hotel. The Latvian gypsy farmer that was headed back home with his tail between his legs and no mobile phone. Myself, the British Indian deciding to travel over 1,000 miles overland to go to a damn bachelor party, the travelling academic on his way to Riga to see his girlfriend that he plans to marry next year, and Pavel, who in many respects defies the traditional conventions of classifications. Who knows what he is.

So as you can imagine, as we entered a McCafe (please note these do not exist in England, but they really fucking should) we were getting some strange, and then some stranger looks. Especially as we bought cups of coffee then proceeded to go upstairs and start making ham and cheese sandwiches lol. Ah, good times!

Bring these to England repeat bring these to England. Way cooler than the actual Mcdonald's. They don't do french fries though....fuck em them1

Yessssss! Go Ronald Go Ronald Go lol! Ahhhh.....

Pavel “Mr I have slept with more women in this last 18 months than I have during the rest of my life” did a good job of stopping two local girls in this last German border town in the absolute middle of fucking nowhere to ask them where was good to party in this drab looking town.

Ah yes....alot of the former soviet bloc smaller towns look like this! Grey, and as boring as fucking hell lol.

Now normally you’d expect that the small town occupants would have some place where at least those mildy interested in a life outside serial depression would gather to talk about how depressing their life is…like a pub. But actually, these girls said there was no where. Let me repeat that for you.


(Insert pause for effect of your own length here. 3 seconds is normally good)

And so we continued with our journey. Tallinn awaits!!


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