Parnau, and arriving in Talin – saying goodbye to Pavel

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Berlin to Tallinn

We stopped off in Parnau to grab a coffee – it was about midnight when we turned up, it being a Thursday night/Friday morning now , and Pavel seemed determind to run his routines on the local women. Because I had been much more a listener than a speaker throughout our trip I believe he saw me as something of a student. I was the youngest in the car travelling anyway at it turned out at the grand old age of 24. Again he started telling me his routine.

  1. Gain their trust
  2. Make them look up to you
  3. Etc etc

Art to it? Screw with their minds fundamentally according to what I was told lol. Although I'm male, so I think we do that naturally lol

And so I saw him in action again. He put on quite an amusing show. But anyway one coffee later, and several yawns off we headed again into the night.

It was about 3am that we arrived in Tallinn. Having not found a spare room in the bachelor party hotel, we were directed to the nearest hostel. It was there we said our goodbyes.

Pavel, the shattered Pavel who had been a great driver and friend to us said his goodbyes to us here. On a side note I’ve just remembered that  we went to an Estonian roadside café and The Turk and I found it so amusing that Pavel could not speak Estonian – the language of his country, and instead had to work with Russian and English.  He took some stick for that!

Random Guy. Just thought I would put him in. Pavel had one of these moments

The Turk and I wandered out to meet some local life and were very much pleased to see that drinking on the street is completely acceptable, and immediately took advantage of this by ordering a drink in the bar and wandering outside.

Of course we soon flagged feeling royally fucked and I handed my half drunken beer to the nearest person I could pawn it off to – whom in this case happened to be a young Estonian football coach called Anton.


1200 miles overland. London England to Tallinn Estonia. 15 hours ahead of schedule! Mission accomplished.

Oh yeah! I rock. Nothing like Bush but this is a funny picture lol


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