Russian Eggs. The Turk, and the ride!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Berlin to Tallinn

I awoke, having slept like a log (which I fast developed reputation for it seems on this trip), to the smell of eggs. Russian eggs. Al Pacino (as I don’t remember his name, not that he spoke any English, or that I spoke any Russian) made them for us. And how did they taste? Like nice eggs that someone had accidentally on purpose dropped a pot of salt on. I ate about half of it before I started getting salt sweats, at which point I decided it was best if I discontinue.

Remember when I said the eggs weren't quite for me? Well look at these eggs. Don't look very appetising right? Now imagine something MUCH MUCH worse lol

We met our final passenger – Mr Ahmed Turot aka Matt aka Snoop Dogg aka Snoop lol. We all soon acquired nicknames. And so off we went from Berlin – final destination Tallinn!

Probably taller than the real snoop. Lol by a huge margin! Same shaggy hair, same promiscuous nature. Just minus the family attachment! But a real laugh and a good man was Ahmed!

Our journey consisted of the following:

  • Conversations about conspiracy theories – how the government has limited technology in the last 100 years to maximise profits, and that the corporations control the world and there are about 13 families that control it above that. E.g. hybrid technology to make cars more fuel efficient has existed for over 15 years, but it only being slowly released now. 3d technology existed as early as the 90’s. However, as much money as possible needs to be eeked out of people so technologies are held back.
  • The same principle with pharmaceutical – there is no money in cures only in treatments. The cure for AIDS has existed since the 90’s. And it is actually a man made virus that was engineered by the CIA as a form of population control for Africa
  • UFO’s – the round saucers as popularised in much alien fiction is actually technology in human possession but has been held back from the public. They possess the same principles of movement as a tornado by creating a vortex of wind
  • The laws of attraction with women, and the perfect way to seduce any woman following this series of simple steps that Pavel outlined. 1. First they must trust you 2. They must respect you 3. They must think you do not care 4. I don’t remember 4.
  • Pavel has magnet’s on his fuel lines and pours part acetone into his petrol tank ti improve fuel consumption – and it works! Ha ha – I was impressed!
  • He has a fliter that cleans blood and improves the quality of your health vastly apparently

The man is like a walking odd man's encyclopedia. Very cool when approached with an open mind. You need to meet Mr Dawson lol. I sound gay right? Fuck you 🙂

And much more besides! It seems that Pave is a veritable fountain of irregular information that made the journey very entertaining for me. I like to listen a lot more than people would probably believe, but hey – I learnt a lot!

I would like to provide links to some of the things he spoke off but it is outside the scope of this blog (i.e. Deepak can’t be arsed) – however should you wish to know then just hit me up and I’ll do the best I can to share knowledge with you!


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