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So, if you know me, you’ll know that I am a fairly spontaneous guy that will see an idea through once I get a bug.

I was a naive 18 year old abroad in this picture in search of cheap booze, good times and a careful slap around the face (although the last point is an opinion not of my own lol!). Gladly, 7 years later, I have a bigger beard, more hair, and only slightly smaller eyebrows. Otherwise, nothing much has changed.

In this case the bug was hitchhiking.

This is a story of my travel from London to Tallin – Estonia. A 1200 mile trip that I undertook overland by trying to thumb rides and find drivers to bring me to my destination.

The 16 man strong bachelor party of my future brother in law. Mr Gary Strange.

If any of this catches your eye, than my name is Deepak Shukla and thank you for reading. If it does not, well fuck ya then.


I am neither white, have overly tight white jeans or foppy hair (working hard on the last part though). Same sense of adventure though. Minus that cool logo cleverly made in Microsoft Paint or some equally shite application. Good times.